Shackfuyu Pop Up in Bermondsey


While the Soho site on Old Compton Street is being refurbished, fans of Shackfuyu won’t need to miss out on their favourite food.  Shackfuyu is doing a residency in Bermondsey.  In case you find yourself struggling to find this new location, the team has put signs to help you along the way.  It is located in one of the archways.  You will have to go pass a storage place, small parking lot and laundromat before getting there.

Upon you arrival, you will find the familiar modern kitsch Oriental inspired decor.  There is a mixture of bar stools, smaller tables and communal tables to cater for different groups.



The drinks list and food menu consists of items from the original menu plus a few new items added for the season.


On a cold, rainy and windy day, my efforts in trekking through urban jungle to the archway was rewarded with delicious sukiyaki style wagyu picanha.  It is the perfect winter dish where thin slices of raw wagyu beef and onion are placed on a heated hot pot with a soy based sauce that gets poured in before you are asked to mix the meat around in its pot.  The accompanying sauce of ponzu dressing with raw egg yolk takes your taste buds to the next level.  As the food stays in the hot pot, the onions develop a caramelised flavour.


Side dish of broccoli tender stems with wafu dressing was also flavoursome and compliments the sukiyaki.


Unfortunately, there was not enough room for dessert this time. It gives me a reason to come back for the kinako french toast served with matcha flavoured soft serve ice cream. The guys will be at Bermondsey for three weeks on Friday evenings and all day on Saturday.  So don’t miss out if you want pop by for visit.

Shackfuyu residency in Bermondsey

Arch 28, 24 Old Jamaica Road, Bermondsey

Fri 6 – 10 pm

Sat 12 – 10 pm