Better Late than Never

I love talking about good food and places to be.  I also love all things that are beautiful and capturing snapshots of them.

The idea of setting up a blog to capture my thoughts and all things I love has been planted in my mind for a very long time. It was probably ingrained in my subconscious.  Over the years, friends have encouraged me to start up a blog.  I have bumped into people at parties who asked if I have a blog or have I thought about starting one and why not?  I have always shrugged and laughed it off. I don’t have the perfect writing style.  My photography skills need improving.  I don’t have time.  A blog  would require a lot of work. It would affect my privacy. The list goes on.

The truth is the idea of starting a blog is daunting.  Where does one begin? Which platform?  What would I call it?  The options are endless.  After months of procrastinating and a little brainstorming, I have finally reached a light bulb moment.  It’s now or never.  This is where I come to share my thoughts and adventures on beauty, food, wine and travels.

Thank you my dear friends for giving me the nudge to embark on this beautiful journey.  Cheeky Bellini is going on her maiden voyage!

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